We run a small language academy in Tenerife. We use a lot of games on our digital whiteboards to rejuvenate classes and to develop learner interest, but we have found that there are only a limited amount of games available on the internet and we are quickly exhausting them all. Also, many of the games sites are only available for English learners, so we wanted to increase the number of games available and also develop some in different languages to share with other MFL teachers all over the world.

It’s hard work writing and setting up new games, but the way we think about it, once it’s done, it’s done… and everyone can benefit from it as a free resource! This website is funded (hosting etc) by adsense, so if you see an ad that interests you, please click on it. It helps keep it free.

Alternatively, we offer digital download packages of the games so that if you live or work in a place with an unreliable internet connection, you can download the games and run them from your USB stick. The price for all the available games in any one language is just 15€ and is a one-off payment that also entitles you to download any additional games for a year. Once the year is up, you can download updates for just 5€ extra per year.

All revenue helps keep the site running… but if you can’t afford to pay for a games package, we can give you a free download if you help by writing a games package in your language. We will make the game and upload it for others to share too!

If you are interested in this, please contact us to find out what you need to do and we will send you a form to fill in with your questions in word format so that we have the information needed to make the game.

We are interested in games for languages or other subjects such as maths, science, CLIL (AICLE), and not just for kids… Adults are learners too, so games aimed at different CEFR levels are just as welcome. Hopefully if enough people collaborate with us we can build 100s of game for everyone to use for free!


Thanks for visiting our site, and if you’re in Tenerife you can find us at Isla Idiomas in Playa San Juan.

Happy gaming!


Kirsty, Gordon & Muriel xxx