For young learners…

If you are looking for something to do with younger learners, look no further. Here are all the activities, materials and game reviews for use with younger students in the ESL classroom.

Present Continuous Conversation Game

What is it? This is a fun game that you can use to practise the Present Continuous tense in positive, negative and question forms with either one-to-one classes or with groups of students. It has been made in a pictorial form, so it is not necessarily just useful for English teachers, and can be adapted […]

Family Escape Game

Written to practice vocabulary relating to family and family relationships, you can play this Escape Game with students from about 11 years old upwards, depending on their level. It utilises in-laws, so you will have to make sure the required vocabulary is pre-taught. Students solve a series of puzzles. After each puzzle they enter their […]

Tessellation Station!

This is a triangle game, based on Big Potato’s ‘P for Pizza’, which is also a great game for English classes, but students need a reasonable level to play it, so this version is good to get them towards that level, and have a little fun during the long and laborious process of learning irregular […]

Animal Treasure Hunt

Our third treasure hunt is an animal-themed one. It pretty much follows the same sort of idea as the other 2 I’ve posted, but all the clues describe animals. You can use it to review animal vocabulary, as part of an animal unit, CLIL science lesson, etc. What to do Download the PDF at the […]

QR Treasure hunt for teens

Another treasure hunt, but this time for older primary and teen learners that have a A2 level minimum and can read English reasonably well. What you need Print off the PDF at the end of this post and then cut up the QR codes. You can stick them around your class, school, playground… wherever you […]

Hallowe’en Pumpkin Game

Here’s a game to practice face vocabulary with young learners using Hallowe’en-themed pumpkins. It’s a very simple game that you can use to support you other planning in the ESL/ESOL classroom. I made this game last night, in preparation for Hallowe’en and it’s very easy to play. Just download the zip file at the bottom […]

Verbo! An irregular verbs card game based on Uno.

I developed this game to practise irregular verbs and help students learn which verbs go with which. What to do Download the printable PDF at the end of the page. Print it off and laminate it. There is a card reverse included in the PDF to print the cards double-sided. How to play Students are […]

Jenga game adapted for the ESL classroom

Here’s a classic game that you can adapt and use to teach colours and numbers in the ESL/ESOL classroom. It’s fun too! What is it?… Jenga! I bought a colour jenga set that came with a colour dice, though you can just paint the blocks of a normal jenga. I then wrote numbers on both […]

Back to school game for personal information

I have developed this game for my classes to have a fun way to review simple introduction questions. I use a ball to review the questions with the class first. I pass the ball to a student and ask a question, they then have to answer it and then pass the ball to someone else […]

Connect 4

This is a no preparation activity you can do to revise virtually any subject for controlled sentence formation practice with young learners, though I suppose if you wanted to, elementary adults might also like this game! Materials All you need is a whiteboard and markers in at least 2 different colours. If you havenet got […]

Tenses Rummy

Tenses Rummy

I created this game to do controlled practice of verb tenses in positive, negative and interrogative forms. Setting up Print the cards, laminate and cut them out. That’s it! I have used this with groups of up to 8 players, however if you have bigger groups you may want to print off 2 copies. You […]

Christmas Bingo Game

Christmas Bingo Game

This is another in a series of simple bingo games to learn and practise vocabulary. This time on the subject of Christmas, to fit in with your festive planning. I usually have a range of activities to do for each subject. Such as a song, game, worksheet, craft, etc.. Setting up There are bingo boards […]