All original materials…

Here are all the original materials I have posted to date…

Connect 4

This is a no preparation activity you can do to revise virtually any subject for controlled sentence formation practice with young learners, though I suppose if you wanted to, elementary adults might also like this game! Materials All you need is a whiteboard and markers in at least 2 different colours. If you havenet got […]

Tenses Rummy

Tenses Rummy

I created this game to do controlled practice of verb tenses in positive, negative and interrogative forms. Setting up Print the cards, laminate and cut them out. That’s it! I have used this with groups of up to 8 players, however if you have bigger groups you may want to print off 2 copies. You […]

Christmas Bingo Game

Christmas Bingo Game

This is another in a series of simple bingo games to learn and practise vocabulary. This time on the subject of Christmas, to fit in with your festive planning. I usually have a range of activities to do for each subject. Such as a song, game, worksheet, craft, etc.. Setting up There are bingo boards […]

Funny Face Bingo

Funny Face Bingo Game

I developed this game to learn and practise vocabulary related to the face. I usually have a range of activities to do for each subject. Such as a song, game, worksheet, craft, etc. so this game was develloped to fit in with my planning. Setting up There are face boards with diverse options, for different […]

Autumn Tree Infant Bingo Game

Autumn Tree Infant Bingo Game

This game was developed to play while teaching about Autumn. I usually have a range of activities to do for each subject. Such as a song, game, worksheet, craft, etc. I didn’t have a game to play, so I made this one. Setting up There are tree boards and leaf tokens. Print off the pdf […]

Infinite Christmas Card

This Christmas card folds infinitely from a Christmas tree, to a present, which you open to reveal a photo of the child. It’s a really lovely and very different craft for any classroom, not just the ESL one. I adapted the original idea from Tiktok creator, @creationsbylynzb79, and created this downloadable template to make life […]

naughty elves christmas board game

Naughty Elves Christmas Board Game

This is a Christmas Board game I designed for use in class. I used it the first time this year and it worked really well. The Story Christmas is coming and all the Elves are working very hard at the North Pole making all the presents for Santa. Santa gives a prize every year to […]

Tinder Dates

This is a writing activity I put together for a teen class I have to get them writing short texts. In this activity they need to imagine they are on Tinder, or a similar dating app and write their profile, or profiles of imaginary people. There are no downloads really, as you can just do […]

spy mission escape game

Spy Escape Game

I love using Escape Games in my classes. Usually they are fine with children from 9-10 years old. Before this age, they can be difficult, as the students often don’t have the skills required to reason. This develops as they get older. I have written this game using an app I use in class called […]

Writing memes

Writing Memes

This activity is good for teenaged students with an intermediate level, though it can be used with lower level learners if adapted. The idea of the activity is for students to read and write short, funny texts for the photos given. All photos and examples, along with instructions are included in the attached PDF file. […]

Classroom Games - Action Verbs Bingo

Action verbs bingo game

This is a simple bingo activity for use with infant or primary learners. Print off as many bingo cards as you need, with a corresponding number of vocabulary card sets with the card backing on page 3 of the PDF so that you can set your printer to print them double-sided if you have that […]

Classroom Games - Action Verbs Battleships

Action verbs battleships

This is an information gap activity. Split your class into pairs, or teams and give each student or group a copy of the activity sheet. Students fill in the top (green) part with their own choices – 2 actions for each family member. During the task they have to ask the other team and try […]